12 thoughts on “Life Without EzineArticles!

    1. Hi Rick,

      I maybe dumb but till now I haven't come across any site which declines a .zip file. You maybe right about that one but what I know is that there ARE sites which decline .exe files unless they are zipped. In this age of viruses and Trojans, .exe file is considered to be a security risk while .zip file is supposed to be more secure. You will notice that some online file storage services and even some web hosts don't allow you to upload .exe files for this very reason.

      Plus .zip is a universally accepted format so there is nothing wrong in using this format for all directories. If any directory declines it, I won't do business with them. But like I said, I am yet to come across one :)

      What I do is use the .exe extension when filling up the details about the freeware, but the main download file remains in .zip format. It has worked for me, so far! ;)


      P.S. Being a programmer is obviously an advantage. I wish I were one too :P

    1. Hi Andy,

      Not sure about isnare but articlemarketer takes a lot of time to accept articles (often longer than EZA) and sometimes that delay occurs because the author broke one of their 'freaky' rules, lol.

      I wouldn't recommend using any mass article submission service though. Read my article to know why. Mass submission softwares such as article post robot are still better since you can select a certain number of sites to submit your articles to. But nothing beats manual submission or hiring a VA to do the article submission. :)


  1. Arindam
    Question regarding the 'socialposter.com' page + service you recommend in this article.
    After I follow your instructions there is some html code created beneath the list of the social sites. Am I to publish that code onto my site for this service to work properly - or is that code independent of the submission process?
    Thanks and very helpful article.

  2. Isnare has reported some delays they state they are working on them. I've only used their service a few times. I haven't read the author's article yet but Isnare claims they change the article a bit for each submission.

    My own feelings is the submitting to the top few is sufficient. I concede to any opinions the author has however.


  3. Not lame at all, Arindam.
    This is like a crash course in getting traffic and I hope that people appreciate it. It deserves 5 stars.
    Although submitting to Ezine Articles might seem to be a battle, I notice that very often articles posted on Ezine Articles are listed on the first page of Google organic search. I have to conclude that Ezine Articles is still a heavyweight in the battle to get high rankings and so have to be given due credit.

  4. Previously I had been very active on Ezine Articles, but not any more, it just takes too much time to write articles for get a few views and a few back links. I'm convinced there is better ways and more profitable ways to spend my time....

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