18 thoughts on “Google Counts a Nofollow Link!

  1. Great Article. Thanks Arindam for sharing.

    I also see lots of nofollow links counted for my blog. Many are from Mix and few days back Mix made their all links nofollow.

    Hope to read such important information in future.

    Cheers Arindam!

    1. Yes Mixx has become nofollow, but I am still posting links there, lol. I have a feeling that even with the nofollow, Google would count the links ;)

  2. One other thing, People who make their links nofollow (afraid of leaks, I suppose) in my opinion, are just plain rude. I can understand a comment like: 'that was a nice post.' showing up on several blogs all by the same person as blatant back-linking, but that being the case, delete his/her post; Do not nofollow someone that follows you enough to read what you write and thinks about it long enough to give an intelligent reply! Do that and I wouldn't read your blog.

  3. Hi Mark,

    You maybe right but the nofollow is something I would leave to the webmaster. How each webmaster uses it is upto him. Some webmasters always have only dofollow links, then there are others who always have nofollow links, and yet there are others who are hybrid-types. :)

    Like me for example, on my blog I dofollow a link after a person has posted three comments, all using the same link. I hope that is fair enough; it boosts discussion and cuts down on spam. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot, but that is the way I wish to do it for now.

    Like Angela's backlink sites: many of the sites are originally dofollow, but due to the huge number of spammers who invade them, the webmasters are forced to make the links nofollow. It is not possible to select and delete just one spammer because they are many more in number (mind u, these are high PR and high traffic sites). On my little blog I used to get enough spammers to keep myself busy, until I implemented some anti-spam tools! So I can well imagine the fate of these webmasters! ;)

    I still think that it won't affect legit commenters in any way; only the "SEO-junkies" would stay away from commenting on such sites, which is perhaps what the webmasters want. Like I said in this article, I do leave comments even on sites where links have become nofollow!

    In all cases, as Matt Cutts says in the video, the overall number of nofollow links in World Wide Web is not too many to get worried about!


  4. Thanks for this article.

    I had stopped worrying about the whole issue a while back. I never worry about the status of my links in a blog comment. If the blog has something interesting to say, I post a comment in response. Even if Google ignores it, the comment has value in several other respects - and your blog article has confirmed to me the value of this activity!


    David Hurley

  5. Arindam,
    Do you use a plugin to make links dofollow after three posts have been made? Could you share it with us?
    Many thanks,

  6. My way of thinking about 'do-follow' and 'no-follow' is that they are just 'suggestions' to the search engines, which can be over-ruled for absolutely no reason.

    After all, the search engines (Google especially) hold the power to use whatever ranking criteria they want. They also do not have to declare this criteria and can change it at will.

    For instance, if Google judged that the posts from a single source were spammy (but do-follow) they would want to discredit that source. Similarly, if the links from a no-follow source were established to be valuable, they would want to credit that source when calculating results.

    So, the idea that a no-follow source can provide link juice (if only a tiny bit) as not as big a surprise as you might otherwise think.

    1. Wow Tom,

      You have laid it out so beautifully! Sometimes I feel we should go ahead and build quality sites and backlinks instead of thinking "what Google loves" or "what Google hates" at every step, lol!

  7. @Arindam - that's exactly what Google wants you to do - stop gaming the engines and help your readers to the best experience you can.

    And to that end, they duck, dive, dance and propagandize relentlessly. That's Matt Cutt's job...

    Propaganda aside, much of G's vaunted anti-gaming technology is just bluff - apart from the smart human eyeballs they employ. Fortunately for Google, a MFA splog is easily recognisable to the human eye.

    Lots of links (preferably from folks who get lots themselves) will get you SEO traffic - and not much else matters a whole lot.

    So concentrate on good honest content and then link spam your heart out to get a nucleus of folks to look at it. If the content is any good, the buzz will do the rest - all the way to the bank.


    Q Would you invest in a company whose technology is so dumb that it treats the following as 4 different domains?


    A Yeah - and I believe in Santa too!

    Happily for Google,
    a) Gamers are a miniscule proportion of all web authors.
    b) Adsense technology throws off so much cash they can afford plenty of smart human eys to police the golden goose.

  8. Yes google also showing nofollow link in my site webmaster account and it has not taken any long for this. but I am also not so sure that it will give any link juice to my site.

  9. I have been thinking about this for long time. It is getting harder to obtain do follow links, and its very time consuming. Majority of my back links are no follow, which has made me worried but after reading your article I realized that it will do some help eventually. Now vast majority people are using no follow I hope after some time no follow may became near do follow status.
    I am glad to find some fresh ideas here such as nofollow link's help for reputation building.
    This is best article in my opinion for this topic.
    Thanks a lot.

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