7 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Aweber Bill Under Control!

  1. Great post Arindam, and something I done last year when one of my lists had just took me over the 10k mark and was sitting with 700+ unsubscribed users! Im on aweber but came accross from profollow which they honoured the pricing format thankfully else I would of closed my account I couldnt be paying $130 a month for it, to be honest I cant remember the last time I mailed out on it! (apart from I am writing a broadcast at this moment while your email came in lol).

  2. Yea...I've known this since last year. When I looked at my bill and noticed a price increase. After several emails with tech support I realized all I had to do was delete unsubscribers from my account. Exactly the way you explained it on this post.

    I did my best to get the owners to somehow do this automatically, but never did get a response.

    Maybe if more aweber customers would complain we might see a change.


  3. Don't you just love it when companies try to hide the fine print details? And we know why they don't make those details more clear to customers....it's because they know customers won't like it...customers want good value for what they pay for.

    I'm sure if aweber put in big bold red letters on their site, "Hey, we charge for unsubscribers" -- do you think customers would still be just as happy to sign up for their service? lol

    They offer great service, but I'm just saying companies need to start being more upfront about things with their customers...so that customers are getting the best value for their dollar.

    1. I agree that companies should be more transparent, but rarely do I see a "big guy" who is transparent in their business (Google, eBay, etc. come to mind) and whatever transparency I see, I see it in the "small guys" who probably do it because they don't want to mess with lawsuits (they don't have deep pockets like those big guys). Anyway I still like Aweber; there are plenty of autoresponder services over there (some even better and cheaper) but I have not found one offering fast and decent customer service like Aweber. The one I recently checked out - their support staff replies to tickets only once everyday; and even if you reply back as soon as you get their reply, they won't reply to you until the next day. Not fast enough for me, so I gotta stick with Aweber. :D

      Aweber is not transparent about their "getting hacked" either. Fact is, my web host is much more transparent than Aweber! ;)

  4. Hi Arindam,
    Although i do not use Aweber, thank you for sharing your experience, and I enjoy the Terminator Theme song.
    May be the same policy for another aoutoresponders service, this is good precaution.
    And, Happy New Year! GBU.
    Achmad K W

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