11 thoughts on “Huge List of Cool WordPress Plugins-Part 4

  1. Hi Arindam,
    I use the w3 total cache plugin. I have tried all the others with no real help. My impressions are around 2 million for my blogs, so I had to make some serious changes to how it was served and stored..
    I did find a real good scribd blog the other day that had an advanced tutorial on just this plugin and it is free. I do not own the blog, it belongs to somebody else not affiliated with me at all.


    This is better even than the plugin home page and gives other tools to help detect how your blog may doing visitor and se's wise.


  2. I guess I have been lucky, nothing has broken yet and it has helped my vps level 7 server hold the traffic before I have to break down and buy a dedicated..haha.

  3. W3 Total Cache does have its own minify-style function for both javascript and CSS, so I suspect that there's a plugin clash, rather than it solely being W3TC. It is complicated to setup though.

    I'm going to investigate the mobile version now though - it's a great idea, as implementing websites for mobile looks far too technical for me.

  4. Where have you been Arindam? Haven't heard from you in a while. These plug-ins are a bit more technical in nature, and I'm not fully up on the techie side of owning a website, but I'll check them out further, because you recommended them.

    Thanks and God bless.

  5. Don't know why you call this stuff boring....to crazy nerds like us this info is amazing!!!

    I'm off to go play with the new wp plugins now!

    Chef Brian

  6. Thanks Arindam! The List Category Posts plugin that creates a list of all the posts on a blog is EXACTLY what I wanted but didn’t know it existed. I have a sitemap plugin but I wanted a list that was more visitor friendly. That one looks perfect. - Rosie

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