6 thoughts on “Clickbank Targets Vendors Again - With Higher PENALTIES This Time!

  1. Clickbank has taken a bad rap lately and rightly so. Way to much affiliate garbage being sold. I am currently in the process of launching a niche marketing product...do I go through clickbank or just thru PayPal.

    I would like to read your comments on this.

    1. Hey Paul,

      If it is a non-IM product, you can do what I did: a separate sales page for each, say Clickbank, Paypal, etc. Like I said, YMMV, so I think everybody should take a crack at Clickbank and see how it works for them. Some niches have more serial refunders than others, but more importantly, clickbank's huge affiliate force is kinda hard to ignore! If your refund/chargegback rate does not exceed the threshold, then you would be in good shape I believe! You would perhaps want to closely monitor your refund rate during the first month and maybe tweak your product/salesletter accordingly, or quit clickbank, as you see fit. ;)

      Some clickbank alternatives you have are click2sell, paydotcom, payspree, etc; however I think you won't get as many affiliates from these networks (even combining them all) as you would from Clickbank.

      Good luck!

  2. ClickBank is trying to clean up it's image especially if the FTC is sniffing around the marketplace.

    I doubt ClickBank's infamous serial refunders could account for a refund rate higher than 15%. Even if you have a top-selling product refund rates of over 10% should concern the vendor so 15% is no problem for vendors publishing quality products ethically.

    The problem was the slew of crap on ClickBank the past few years. "Push button" software that makes you millions. Teenage girl makes millions, ex-stripper makes millions, hippie makes millions, etc. Some of those products had refund rates of over 50%!

    So I think it's a good thing that ClickBank is trying to clean up things for the majority of ethical vendors who don't have to worry about a 15% refund rate.

  3. Yep Alan, could not agree more, too much sleaze over there. It would be really nice for us affiliates if they have a cleaner marketplace; we don't have to wade through 100s of junk products to find something worth recommending! ;)

    There are even "duplicate" products in the marketplace, though their quantity is not as huge. Wonder what would CB do with those.

  4. I use both clickbank and paypal depending on whether I want affiliates or not. Sometimes I want to control the marketing without having to give away too much. I also find that I have more returns and chargebacks from affiliate sales than I do from my own direct sales. So ultimately, the answer is as always, it all depends...

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