3 thoughts on “10 Commandments for Spammers

  1. Hey,
    Been a while. Been busy. (watching TV). Lol. When I saw you wrote a humorous article, had to drop by and say, 'Hi'. Hope you are well.
    As to the article, you say 'spamming... is still tolerable.' I disagree, not only does it tend to blow up in your face, (unless you know how to spam really well), but it is annoying as all get out. At least hackers have some skills.
    That said, obviously, if you are good at spamming, it must be profitable as there are many doing it. I suspect if one of them were to put as much energy into 'proper' marketing as they do in spamming, they'd net more money. But that is just a guess and one I am NOT going to test!

  2. Some of these guys is just ridiculous, they drop a lot of links in comments, and some does not even work, I mean what is the use!

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