3 thoughts on “WordPress ERROR-MYSQL Server Gone Away!!!

  1. Hey Arindam,

    I think you're reading my mind with your recent blog posts :)

    First, you posted about WP optimization which was on the day that my web host complained about resources (cleaned up the code, used your unhooking techniques in the function file and installed W3 Total Cache).

    Then, just as I'm setting up my new site at clicknutrition.co.uk, you posted about using WP as a static site. I already knew most of it, but it was still a useful checklist.

    NOW, this morning I've checked the error log on Click Nutrition, and found a load of "WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away". Am now going to follow your advice :) (again).

    So my question to you, what other WP issues will I be facing in the next few weeks :) :)


    1. @Emma,

      Just keep an eye on my boring blog :P

      Actually, I write about issues as I face and resolve them; I write them not just to help others but also to help myself-in case I have similar issues again in future, the written word helps. :D

  2. I don't exactly get why putting this line after the return statement is supposed to work. Return means that the function exits and returns the value to the calling method. But..maybe PHP is different from C++, ObjC and Java.


    I put this in the function __construct after the last line, $this->db_connect() and it works — it didn't when I followed the instructions above.

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