3 thoughts on “Watch Out for This Google Resource Hog!

  1. Hi Anindam,

    What a great post.

    I dont normally read really long emails, but I make exceptions when the content is this good.

    I read from top to bottom and each of the tips you shared I implemented.

    The GD I also uninstalled some time ago as I was having the same problem.
    I do attest to CCleaner - Works great and I usually run it at least once a month.

    Thanks for the great tips
    TAke care

  2. Hey! I am a long time user of XYplorer and recommend it to anyone remotely interested in file management. You mentioned above that you did not find a way to search files by filetype, well all you have to do is add the extension in your searches. For example entering "new*.txt; new*.pdf" (without quotes) in the name field will find all text and pdf files starting with new.
    Well, thats not all, read this exhaustive list of features:

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