4 thoughts on “Warning About EFTPS Tax Phishing Emails!

  1. Hi Arindam,

    Well this is been happening all over, last week it was Facebook that got hacked!

    You know me and my advice to being on the internet is this! If you do not want someone to get the information do not put it on the web. Also do not use your personal email address.

    When is a secret not a secret?
    When you tell someone else!


  2. Hey Arindam,

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering what was going on. A hundred emails at one time in my spam box. You would think the big boys would have better security measures.

    Thanks again, and God bless.

  3. Thanks for the information; it explains a lot.
    I'm using Mailwasher but checking up to 200 bits of spam a day on each of two accounts is too much, so I'm having to create new email accounts and move all my genuine subscriptions to them.

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