8 thoughts on “Video Marketing for Newbies

  1. I happen to agree with you that tutorial videos is the best approach.By using step by step procedures which are easy to implement will produce an engaging video series.

  2. This is one of those age old questions. Do people actually watch videos when they're embedded in blogs. Personally I very rarely do (this probably means I miss out on information that would otherwise be useful to read). But, my reasoning is simple. Most of the time I can read (and skim read) far faster than I can ever watch a video, plus I can go back over any parts which I'm particularly interested in far easier than in text.

    There's also the added complication that I generally surf with the sound off, as I'm not normally in an environment where listening to sound would be condusive to work.

    I also wonder if video means that you miss out on international visitors? A lot of people now browse the textual web using automated translation software, and so video just won't work for them.

    Just throwing up a few comments. Would be interesting to see what other people think.

    1. Hi Tom :)

      As you would soon discover, more than 90% content of my blog is text, so doubt I am missing much. ;) As for whether text is better than video or vice versa, it all depends on your target market and the way you present content! Videos are perhaps best used for demonstration purposes; any other presentation can be done in text and images. Of course that is just my opinion!

      Personally I prefer to download and watch videos offline; so I have given options and tips for that too!

  3. For me videos have been helpful as a tutorial medium. I learn best by seeing.
    When you are new to internet marketing, seeing the actual steps involved in a project makes the task so much more easier.
    On another note-let me say that the information you provide has been so helpful. I just stopped a paid coaching program where the information could not match what you provide. Keep it coming

  4. Im currently doing video submittion on several video sites like meta cafe , youtube etc tho I notice that I still havent got the ideal page views Im looking for, am I missing something? I'll defintely appreciate some opinion from you :)

  5. Unfortunately for me in this day and age when everyone else seems to love video, I learn best by reading -- not by seeing or hearing. In my college days I had no problem cutting classes, as long as I could borrow a friend's notes.

    Nowadays I still much prefer the written word. In order to learn anything from a video, I have to "take notes" on it. This means that I usually don't even watch a video unless it is SO IMPORTANT that I can't avoid it. I really appreciate it when a transcript or a PDF summary is offered along with the video itself.

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