5 thoughts on “Ultimate Secret to Getting Tons of Backlinks at NO Cost-Part 5

  1. Hi Arindam,

    This is a great series and has been extremely useful for me. Understanding backlinks was the most difficult concept for me when I first started affiliate marketing and you've really fine-tuned the processes we need to follow. THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Arindam,
    As usual, I was bored to tears. Great series - I've learned a lot.
    Out of curiosity I thought I'd see if you practice what you preach.
    Backlinkchecker says 643 links.
    Backlinkwatch says 289.
    Market Samurai says 818 to the home page and 3751 to the domain. Impressive!
    It would be nice if they were remotely in the same ballpark.
    Which do you think is closest to the truth?

  3. Another great installment to the series. I've been following since the first one was posted.

    I've got all of the series safely saved in my computer and can say that I've found a few gems where I can regularly drop backlinks when I need them. I try not to spam them as they have become very valuable to me.

  4. Very well done, again. Qwerstion on this though. Do you create a new account for each forum for each niche or keyword? If so, how do you go about keeping track of them? Do you use a spread sheet if so do you have one you can show how you lay it out?

    Am I asking too many qwerstions or acting like I am lazy? Just have a hard time thinking outside the box sometimes.

    Valuable stuff. Are we there yet?

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