12 thoughts on “Ultimate Secret to Getting Tons of Backlinks at NO Cost-Part 3

  1. Thank you Arindam
    This series of post on backlinking have been very educational. I have learned a few new techniques I did not knew aboout before. Thank you for giving us your knowledge for free, keep 'em coming

    Lee @ horse training tips

  2. Hi Nuttie Guru, thanks for this post.I've been doing backlinking thru blog commenting and forum profil, but only a handful of link show up in my blog. Even after a month or two. How long such links usually recognized by SE?

    1. @Yufinats

      Backlinks, I mean, any backlinks for that matter, do take time to show up in Google. You should give the links at least a month to show up, though sometimes they may take longer. :)

      Also, some sites deliberately block the profile pages by robots.txt to shoo away spammers. You need to check for these things too. If the profile page you are putting links on is blocked by robots.txt then Google will never index it and your work would be wasted. I use the search status plugin to check the site's robots.txt file :)


      Another thing to note is that: are you able to view your profile as a "guest" (that is, by being logged out)? I have two browsers installed on my PC: I use Firefox to actually build backlinks and Internet explorer to check the public visibility of the profile page. If the profile page is not visible to guests then you may need to post on the forum and add signatures, etc (be very careful of the way you add sigs, I have given some tips on that in this article)

      Good luck! :)

  3. Hey Man
    Thanks to you post I just realised that anyone can read robots.txt and see your server files. from there you can browse the blocked folders and download all manner of files, this is certainly has been an eye opener.

  4. Arindam,

    I found this one on Warrior Forum about how to find good places to post at.

    SEARCH EXACTLY (but put in your KEWORD) -

    inurl:KEYWORD “This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage”

    How to use this?

    #1. Search and find anywhere between 50-200 posts targeting your little, non-IM niches.

    #2. Select the top 3-4 blogs on each search and make sure to post a relevant, non-spammy comment. Very important: your first comment will very likely be held for moderation. Don't spam the comment box, or else your comment gets deleted.

    1. Right Greg. Another being those blogs which support "commentluv". Mostly the links are nofollow but to me a nofollow link is fine as well esp. if the blog has a high PR) :)

      Unfortunately, these plugins attract seo spammers more than genuine readers. At least that has been my experience. I had those plugins on my blog once upon a time but I found out that I had to delete more nonsense comments than usual. I found out the culprits and removed the plugins. :D

      But yeah, the blogs which support them are good for backlink builders. ;)

      BTW, it maybe just a stray thought, but I believe that if you do image searches in Google you would find several commentluv blogs (commentluv comes with a specific icon image, you need to do an intext search based on that image). I don't know if keywordluv comes with a similar icon; it has been a year since I use these plugins. ;)

      Great tip btw and thanks for sharing. :)

      If you look into some of Angela's older packets you would find some such blogs. Unfortunately she stopped offering such links due to high rate of spam. :(

  5. Another great article. Thanks for sharing the great tips. I think people will stop buying backlink packages after reading your article :-)(kidding)

    Looking forward for the next part..

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