9 thoughts on “Troubleshooting WordPress Plugin and Theme Issues in 4 Easy Steps

  1. This is a good tip for troubleshooting wordpres plugin. Is there any way I can downgraded my wordpress installation? I don't have database backup. I think I won't be able do downgraded without database backup. But your suggestion will be appreciated.

    1. @Linda,

      Hire me ;) (kidding)

      Backup ur existing installation, including database, then delete it all except wp-config.php. Then upload the contents of the older wordpress files via FTP. Run the installer as usual to make sure everything is okay. I hope that helps :)

      Note that if u r going to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.9, the ride is not usually smooth, coz 3.0 introduced a whole new set of database tables not present in the previous versions :)

  2. Thanks for the tips Arin, but I ran into trouble with the last WordPress Update 3.03. Images, headers, you name it. It almost broke my theme. In future, I am going to wait before I upgrade to any more updates, even though they scare you with the "security updates" thing.
    What WP is doing, is releasing these updates without thoroughly testing theme and its a game of chance whether it will give you grief. Best to wait until your theme developer has spoke first, to see if they have any changes to make before you update WordPress. Just an email into them is all it takes. This is a good tip to keep in mind, instead of trying to fix it for a few weeks, and lose income. Be prepared first, I say. Thanks for your help as always. Your blog has helped me understand alot. Also another tip, don't fall for getting the next best plugin (esp. free ones) they are not worth the anguish. I stripped mine all out and running just basic, necessary, functional ones.


    1. Well I upgraded three of my blogs to 3.0.3 and have not run into any issues yet. I DID take a backup as usual. Mind you, I would not have ever bothered to upgrade if not for the security patches, and I overwrote ONLY the files that were updated (u get the list from wordpress codex).

      What I mean is that if 3.0.1 were a fully stable version like 2.9 I would not have bothered to upgrade.

      Like you say, if it ain't broke, why fix it ;)

      I do hope you get your problem fixed, else u r looking forward to a re-install of wp ;)

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