13 thoughts on “The Tale of a WISE Scammer

  1. Thanks for posting about this, it's important that people are aware of the situation and sadly, just how common this sort of thing is.

    Great blog.. keep up the great work!



  2. Arindam,
    You're losing your touch - this was anything but boring!
    Thank you for alerting us. I'm not in this type of market myself, but it is just another reminder to keep your eyes wide open.

  3. Thanks for the information.

    These sort of people make my blood boil - they give all the honest marketers a question mark over their offers.

    I hope this Andy person soon gets what he deserves.

  4. Hey Arindam,
    Thanks for working with this great blog! I really enjoy your updates!

    One thing I miss: you should really release more plr stuff, they are super great!

    Cheers mate,

  5. This kind of thing is going to increase exponentially. There will always be marketers scamming. The question is, what is the next scam and who to market to.

    IM scammers are quite common. It's open game on noobs.

    My position has always been if it sounds too good to be true it is a scam.

    My favorites are scammers who sell their software to other marketers.

    I stay away from anything that ends in a 7.

    If was $247 and is now $47 for the next 20 takers, run away!

    Or I have sold thousands for $97 now I'm making it available for only $27 to the next 500 subscribers, run away!

    1. Hey Scott,

      There are actually more.

      1. You visit a sale page and when you don't like it, you browse away, but a JavaScript popup blocks your way, and promises to offer you a "better" deal if you click the Cancel button. The better offer could be a reduced price of the same product. :D

      Now let us say you click OK the first time, but you did not like the reduced price offer either, and think about browsing away when again you are blocked by another similar popup!

      I could go on and on. It is laughable. OF course I always click Cancel but it is ridiculous when they paste 5 such popups on a single sales page. I have often wondered if it at all helps or hurts their sales. ;)

      2. And of course who can forget those 5-6 OTOs (One Time Offers) that are as irritating as those popups, if not more. If you manage to skip ALL the OTOs then only you get the "promised" freebie.

      Okay, rant over now. :P

      If I lose money by not employing these cheesy strategies so be it. I prefer a little more "hygiene" on my websites. ;)

  6. I am puzzled.
    Actually I bought a competitor product yesterday just to see their quality.
    What a crap!
    Sometimes I feel ashamed on the behalf of other marketers...

  7. Me three, I just love those pop-ups offering a ten or twenty dollar discount on an already discounted product of about 200 bucks.

    I am getting to where I do not even look at any offers any longer. Is there nothing new under the sun any more.

    My buddy Arindam offers more value than any twenty other marketers out there. Good going and keep it up. You are truly a marketers marketer.

  8. Arindam, I agree with your post. I am now learning to read between the lines and look for offers that appear to be too good. I can still my mother telling me "if it seems to be to good to be true ..." Thanks

  9. Ihate these people with their ridiculous offers and claims, whenever I land on such a page I don't even read, i just leave a soon as possible.

    I read the posts on the link, that guy should be locked up for fraud and theft! His behaviour is criminal.

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