3 thoughts on “REVEALED! The Absolute Truth About Social Networking Profits!

  1. Hi Arindam- You hit the nail on the head with this article. A lot of people follow things just because someone else is doing it, never stopping to think whether or not it fits their personality or business plan.

    I don't feel up to monitoring and talking to a bunch of people all the time, so my web 2.0 properties reflect that. I do have a few just to keep track of events and occasionally comment, but I find that I am far more "social" in person.

    Also you might occasionally ask a friend a favor or tell them to buy something, but it does take time to develop real friendships online. The cool thing is that even occasional hook ups lead to meeting nice people with similar interests.

    1. LOL Margie, you are correct, especially when you say that developing friendships online is pretty tough. Mainly because you cannot see the other person so cannot trust him completely. There is always an "If" and "But" bothering you all the time. :D

      Plus the virtual world friendship and romance lacks the warmth of the real world :P

      However, it is still possible to socialize online. If an introvert like me could manage to have a few friends (mostly women ;)) then I guess anyone could :D

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