7 thoughts on “Is PLR Dead? - A "Post-Panda Update" Analysis!

  1. Real good post Arin. You can also use PLR content to produce good Ebooks, reports, articles (do not submit any PLR content to ezinearticles) webpages, and blog posts. However, it is imperative that you read the content and re-write it.

    I do my best to make it sound like me, my character, voice and people will respond in a positive manner.

    PLR content will save you time in research. However it is important that this content comes from a reputable source.


  2. Hey Nuttie, First off happy new year.
    Re; plr I recently got a little lazy and post some PLR to my website. Did some editing and sub titles but the site dropped from a 1,2,3,page on google to nothing real quick. Deleted all the PLR replaced with my own stuff and hay presto it was back just as quick!
    Stay Well Stay Happy

  3. Hi Arindam

    I've been reading all your articles. You are one of the few I actually look forward to receiving an email from because I find your articles come from your own mind. You write as you speak. You said you use plr materials but I definitely don't see it here. Perhaps you use them for your other sites. I can normally tell if an article originates from plr or not.

    1. You are right Dee. All the articles on my blog are my own writings. I do use plr stuff on some of my other sites, and mainly to make money off adsense ;-)

  4. I don't think PLR as concept is a problem or should be seen as negative, I find it very useful. What should be avoided is bad quality rehashed PLR.

  5. Arindam,

    Like you, I'm both a user and creator of PLR...and I use a lot of it! I think people panicked about Panda because there were so many sites hit hard...but it wasn't Panda as much as the duplicate content. Google's making webmasters and bloggers offer what they originally should have been offering...good solid content.

    As long as PLR is used the way it was designed and we add our own voice and personality to it, I don't figure it will ever be an issue.

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