10 thoughts on “Niche Domination on STEROIDS

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  2. Well,

    I'm subscribed to your newsletter. You sent me an email, recently, asking to tell you how you're doing.

    Well... ok.

    I read your suggestion for selling plr articles in forums.

    So, I posted a thread asking if anyone would be interested in some topics I listed.

    I put it in a section where LOTS of other people do the same thing.

    And... apparently I committed the mortal sin of posting a url to my page where I have writing samples. You know, to help people make an intelligent decision about my writing.

    Well... I just received a notice that I commitited an infraction for self promoting and POSTING IN THE WRONG SECTION!


    And no, it wasn't the Warrior forum.

    Ok. I didn't read the bible there about self promoting. Even though EVERYONE there is self promoting. My fault.

    I guess there's self promoting and then there's... self promoting. :) And yes I know about sig files, blah blah...

    I honestly didn't even think it would be a problem. And no... I'm not stupid.

    I'm not crying about this. I actually think it's a bit funny.

    I won't write their name here because there's NO way I wanna give them another link. Not that they need it. :)

    So! There's my feedback. And ummmm, thanks for the hot tip!!!!

  3. Oh...I forgot to tell you.

    I was told that I received an infraction.


    So I went there and logged in. There was a message that I was BANNED until May 2008!


    I sent them a reply requesting the ban to be made permanent.

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