10 thoughts on “My Biggest Addiction

  1. Well, I am addicted to WF. I usually visit this forum and try to learn something. Though there are some useless post, but yet some are very useful...and I try to avoid WF special offer..lol. Because whenever I see some product, I feel to buy..Anyway whatever I am today,it's because of WF. So I like that forum..

  2. I can relate to buying the domain names recklessly. I have so many domains that I purchased for cool ideas and then never developed because the idea was over my head or I just never got around to it. My new rule is that I can't buy a new .com domain until what I have is developed.

    I still buy .info's but those are mainly for affiliate redirects.


    1. @Nathan,

      Now I am really getting scared. I hope you don't have any chronic illness, or how would you code all the future PHP scripts for me, hehe :P

  3. When I sit down at my computer to WORK, I start checking my emails, then answering them, then surfing the web for maybe one more elusive piece of information that I can use in the article I'm writing and, before I know it, the morning has passed! In order to be productive, I must decide before I sit down to work exactly what it is I want to accomplish and forget everything else. I did that yesterday and finished two articles that I had been avoiding. Today, I'm obviously checking my email!!!

  4. Games is my thing. Just those stupid Microsoft games that come loaded on your computer. I hate them, but keep on anyway opening one up any time I'm bored ...

  5. Working on the phone with my partner. It used to be a great way for us to progress because we kept each other focused on the task schedule. We multi-tasked efficiently - listened, talked, typed, evaluated, made decisions, swapped examples and mock ups back and forth etc...now it scrambles my mind, but I haven't yet broken the addiction, because my partner is just as addicted to that work style, and it continues to be the best method for her. Of course production is down at my end.

  6. I have two things that keep me away from my "real work". The first is not really an addiction -- it's more of a compulsion. I just HAVE TO open all those emails I get every day -- even though I know most of them will prove to be the usual worthless offers.

    The second thing is an addiction I've had for almost 5 years now -- solving Griddlers puzzles. They are both intellectually stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

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