16 thoughts on “The Best Way to Market Your Website!

  1. Probably the only thing boring in this "tutorial" is the excessive use of the word boring - no need to apologize for your outstanding and excellent work, Arindam, for those of us who need this in depth advice, it is more spell binding than the "b" word.

  2. Great post. I'm saving it as a Firefox archive to make sure I can always find it for reference.
    I notice you did not list XSitePro as a possible site builder.
    I've used it for years and it has performed well despite my technical ignorance.
    As always, a wonderful bit of boredom.

  3. @Bruce,

    Never used Xsitepro. I started off with NVU (the father of Kompozer) then after some other free and paid tools finally settled on Dreamweaver. I am more of a Dreamweaver guy. I think it is worth the price lol. Never found any other tool close to it. :D

    I have made this post sticky anyway, so whoever visits this site and clicks on "Blog" will see this post first thing, LOL. :)

  4. Wow thats a loooong post Arindam :-) but very informative. Found a few topics I want to delve deeper into.

    One thing did stand out for me. You mentioned you do not recommend CJ.com. Is it for Indian users only, for those just starting out or for everyone and could you explain a little bit further?

    1. @Carl,

      CJ is NOT for anyone who already does not have an established website, because that is one of the things many CJ advertisers want. If you don't already have that kind of website then you would get more rejections than acceptances. ;)

  5. As usual, you take the "overwhelming" and distill it into language that just about any newbie can understand. I can attest to this personally as I was overwhelmed when i started IM in May 2006 with ZERO experience and knowledge.

    I went the free blogspot route. Built 27 niche blogs only to have most them deleted by Google just 3 months ago. I managed to save 10 of them by hiring someone to transfer them to my PAID hosting using Word Press platform. I never looked back.

    If you are a newbie - this is the blueprint to follow.

    And, Arindam, make this into a PDF with live links, slap a price on it. I'll be an affiliate.


  6. I am a newbie in IM and have been suscribed since back in April. Yes, some of you letters are long (this one, for example), but, being new to all this I can tell you that every article I've recieved has had something relevant to me personally. This issue is particularly enlightening. I managed to stay awake through the whole thing and pick up some pointers also. Keep them coming,and thank you!

  7. I first read this long post about 3 wks. ago. I filed it and refer back to it on almost a daily basis. That tells you just how much great and useful info. is in this post-especially for those of us who are still new to IM. Thank's again and please keep sending more!

  8. very thorough and informative. I've been an IMer for two years, so I'm not exactly a newbie, and I found a lot of information I can use, especially the section on how to add WP without Fantasticos. Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Arindam, once more i enjoyed reading your "boring" blog post about installing Word Press. I will file these very useful information, so i will have it at hand when i need to install my next Word Press blog. Thank you so much..i never ever get bored reading your emails. Already looking forward to your next one.

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