2 thoughts on “I Am Being Blocked From My Own Cpanel:-(

  1. Sorry to hear about your hosting problems. If you're doing any volume of business I think it's a good idea to have a backup host. As well as being a safeguard against server problems, it also gives you an alternative if you exceed your bandwidth limit. I think you can have up to 5 nameservers, so you can have 2 pointing to your main host and 2 pointing to your backup host.

    I have an Incognito Networks reseller lite account. You can resell to yourself, so you can have unlimited domain names on the one account. You get 4GB space and 30GB bandwidth for $9.99 a month. There are more expensive options if you need more. If you don't want a reseller account you can have 1GB space and 25GB bandwidth for $4.99 a month.

    I am not saying they are perfect. About a month ago the server I am hosted on was down for about 36 hours. They say they have now put in a mirror disk so if the problem recurs the outage should only be about 1 hour. They respond reasonably quickly to support queries, and they do solve problems.

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    John Dinton

  2. I meant to say in that last comment that when the server was down I got similar symptoms to the ones you are getting.

    John Dinton

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