20 thoughts on “Huge List of Cool WordPress Plugins-Part 1

  1. I am using most of the plugins mentioned here. For security purpose even it is important to keep blog updated with new version. Thanks for the great article.

  2. A very good list. I am using some of these plugins and will look at the others.

    Ezine Articles recently came out with a new plugin that allows you to submit your posts as articles directly to them from the post>edit page in your WP admin area, whether the post is brand new or already published. It seems that ezine articles has changed their mind about duplicate content.

    I installed the plugin on one of my blogs and the only thing I didn't like was that in the drop down box for submitting what you want in your resource box, you only have the option of choosing one of the resource box configurations you have already set up at ezine. I usually write a custom resource box for each article, so this was an inconvenience.

    Do you have any experience with this plugin?

  3. Arindam,
    You're only half right - it's long, but it's anything but boring.
    Excellent information, particularly for someone as technically-challenged as I am.
    Many, many thanks - this page is now part of my reference library.

  4. Very nicely done. I like some others here have not thought a lot about security even though I have been hacked a couple of times.

    These are things I need to implement and soon. However, if blogs are so vulnerable is there not anything that resembles a blog that is not so open to being hacked by the those with way too much time on their hands?

    I am vaguely familiar with Affiliate Guru and I think it allows for comments to articles. If you know about it, is it also vulnerable in the same was as WP?

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. @Kathlene

      Virtually anything except a plain HTML is bound to be vulnerable to hackers. It is not just wordpress. Any and all softwares are vulnerable. No matter how much you secure your software, there is no guarantee it won't be hacked some day or other. WordPress is just more vulnerable than commercial softwares because it is free and opensource, but even commercial softwares do get hacked ;)

      I am not familiar with Affiliate Guru. :)

  5. Somehow a hacker recently gained access to my admin account by changing the admin e-mail and then sending himself a password reminder. To avoid this do not use admin as your admin password, rather use something else, also as stated above, use the security plugins, limit login attempts and keep your WP version and plugins up to date.

    1. @Mark

      Sorry to hear that your account has been hacked. From what I can tell (and I can tell only about the latest versions) the default admin password issued by wordpress is pretty strong, yet I highly recommend that you change it to something even stronger.

  6. Great article... Even though I preach about backups to all my clients, I have not actually backed up all my sites.... oops.


  7. This post has given me some food for thought and I have already added a couple of these plugins to my list of standard plugins that I install. One item I am not sure of from your text. Do you install both Askimet and WP Spam Free on the same blog

    1. Hi Alec,

      Yes I have a niche blog where I have installed both WP spam free and akismet, and so far I don't have any problems. I did this only after reading the articles of other bloggers and found that many of them have done the same to combat spam because akismet alone is often just not enough. On this blog I have only akismet installed now but if spam gets out of hand then I wud install spamfree too ;)

      Akismet takes up where spamfree leaves, so there is very rare possibility of any compatibility issues between them. You would find, as a matter of fact, that WP spam free is blocking 90% of your blog comment spam and akismet is almost sitting idle, only acting up if spamfree occasionally fails to catch a spam comment or two.

  8. Hi,
    I'm pretty new to all of this so at this moment most of all the "code talk" is completely over my head ha ha. HOWEVER,
    I will definitely check out the security plugins. I've never thought of their importance before so thank You!

  9. I'll be honest, I never installed the security stuff before but then someone just recently came to me with a hacked blog and I started looking into it all... We got the virus off and his blog is all clean, security plugins installed and a warning to him to keep wordpress updated.

  10. The blocking of an IP address is not too effective I found as one spammer I had -had many IP addresses and continued spamming even though I banned on the cpanel, and on WP Spam Free. The best one I found and thanks for your list -was Bad Behavior which was also recommended by my hosting company. It finally put a stop to the bots, and comment spammers. Peace and quiet and no more spam. Thanks Arindam- I always find great information from you.

  11. Thanks Arindam! This is great stuff! I knew I should be worrying more about this kind of thing -- but I didn't know what to do other than worry. Now I have some good things to take action on! Thanks again.

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