14 thoughts on “HEADS UP for WordPress Users!

  1. Great Post. As a newbie to working with wordpress, the bad links heads up forced me to do some research and install a plugin for this purpose. As an avid web surfer/shopper broken links were always an annoyance and actually made me run away. Better getting a heads up than assuming that everything is fine. Thanks again for the info!

  2. Liked your email. Video humor put things in perspective. We so soon forget. Interesting article about Amazon S3, helps to understand the guru's statement about their launches going down. Keep up the good work!

  3. Loved the video clip! It definitely started off my day with a smile. No, make that a hearty laugh!

    Also thanks for all the good info. It's nice to receive a 'real' newsletter and not just an email filled with a bunch of promo junk.

  4. I liked this video clip. Very funny. It will make me smile for a long time :-).

  5. I've got to ask.

    HOW do you set up the 'buy me a beer'?

    I've never seen that offered inside Paypal.

    it must be somewhere there, I know, but can you help out with a quick bit of direction here.



  6. Hi Arindam,

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    Actually you have much articles, and I will start explore them from now. Internet Marketing is my interest.


  7. Hello and thank you very much for
    your informative posts. I knew there
    was a simple solution to adding the
    'buy me a beer' buttons to the posts,
    I just never thought it would be as
    easy as a plugin.

    The main reason for me reading your
    post here was not the buy a beer snippet,
    that was just a bonus. The main reason was the writeup on Amazon S3.

    Very nice, but now you have me waiting
    for your tutorial on using the free
    FireFox plugin for the timed url's.

    The beer I'm buying you is just a sample of (ok its a bribe) my thanks for the info you have provided so far on Amazon
    AWS s3. Please, as soon as you can, do a tutorial on using the timed url's on s3Fox. I can see a nice tall pitcher in your future ;-)

    Thanks again for your awesome info.

    Steve Dougherty

  8. Thanks. Those nice little "bribes" help indeed (specially in times of recession ;) )

    I sure will do a tutorial on s3 fox organizer sometime soon. Thanks again for dropping by. :D

  9. Thank you very much for your kind words. It was a heck of a problem and we had many customers contacting us about it. After investigating it, the solution seemed quite standard. It was one of those things that is very easy if you know how, but the knowing is half the battle. We are very pleased that our article could be such a great help to all the fellow WordPress Users.

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