Google Sets Alternative?

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11 thoughts on “Google Sets Alternative?

  1. Nice site Wai, thanks. I wish their background were not overlapping; nevertheless it is still possible for me to read the keywords anyway. :D

  2. Hi Arindam,
    Many ways to Rome! You prove it.
    Thesaurus gives many synonyms for almost single word?
    But for the long keywords phrase Thesaurus almost does not work well, so i have to go back to Google Keywords Tool.
    Achmad K W

    1. Yeah for single words only. I remember using Google sets for single words too. It is more like "LSI research" and not strictly niche/keyword research; only a keyword tool can help with the latter . :)

  3. I've been seeing this question popup in almost every SEO community I participate in. "Are there any good alternatives to Google Sets?"

    Well, I'd feel like a hero if I had arrived at the answer on my own, but a fellow named Ben discovered that you can use a simple Google Docs spreadsheet to pull data from Google sets.

    I thought it was so useful that I wrote a blog post about it with instructions:

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