4 thoughts on “Get NEW and AVAILABLE Domains for Free!

  1. G'day Arindam
    I am a new name on your subscriber list and I just received my first newsletter from you. WOW!
    If this is the standard I can expect to get from you then I plan on staying with you.
    Your newsletter content is amazing - and FREE! - thank you.
    The two tips you give in this issue are super powerful and full of potential for converting my time online into cash.
    Because the overall content of your emailed newsletter is different from all the run-of-the-mill stuff that clogs my inbox every day I will be looking out for my next issue.
    Keep this standard up, please!
    Aussie Mike

  2. I don't know if I like the idea of using fake names...sure there are times when privacy is important...but there are also times when being a "fake" could be devastating also. What if a site you created suddenly gained national media attention and somebody wants to contact you for a book deal? (Okay, probably not likely if you're just creating niche sites...but still something to consider!)

    1. Hi Chelle,

      Well many authors write their books using pen names too ;)

      Online of course I can give you many examples: for example, Eben Pagan markets his dating site under the "fake" name of David De Angelo; I'm not sure if he uses fake addresses too ;)

      But your comment applies to using fake addresses, phone numbers and all that. It could get one in trouble as I mentioned in the article. There are places where you can use "fake" info and then there are places you cannot; it is a matter of exercising discretion ;)

      As for receiving a "book deal", I would say it is a "far-fetched dream" for the owner of "small niche sites", but nonetheless it IS a possibility if your site discusses something unusual or controversial.

      I know one thing myself: if anyone asks me to write a book, I would decline it if is anything other than fiction :D


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