12 thoughts on “EBay Partner Network-What Works and What Does NOT!

  1. This is a most interesting article, Arindam. I haven't ever done much with Ebay but have thought about it in the past. You have given solid, actionable information that I can use and I appreciate it. :)

    1. Wow Angel, nice to see ya after a loong time! :)
      Yeah, even I have not purchased anything from ebay. I do most of my shopping from Amazon, as you know! ;)

  2. Arindam, thanks for the informative post. I will be changing my sites according to your suggestions.

    Do you know if it is possible to use your 11-step geo target setup for a banner I create instead of using a text link?

    If so, where would the image source file need to be in the javascript code? AN example perhaps.


  3. @Philip,

    Not sure. Probably possible if you know your way around JavaScript. EBay does provide geo-targeted image banners though (click on the "Creatives generator" to find a list of banners), but as I said, they are far from impressive in my eyes. Their flash banners are great but they would terribly slow down your page load time, resulting in lost visitors (and lost revenue). Text links are what I am using right now, with good results. If you do want to use your custom banners/widgets, you need to make sure that the eBay affiliate link is not messed up and perhaps, you may also need to use a third party tool to geo target the banners/widgets. They have some suggestions on their blog, so feel free to check those resources for ideas! :)


    Don't forget to check the forums regularly. If you could skip past the whiners out there, you would get some solid advice:

    I think I forgot to mention that I am NOT putting only ebay links on any of my sites. Depending on the niche, some of my sites have a clickbank+amazon+ebay combination, others have a ebay+adsense combo, or ebay+cj combo. It is not a requirement, but who does not want more $$$$! ;)

  4. Arindam,

    Great informative tips on getting some more $$$$. Could you give some tips on Click Bank add? Does it convert well? I did not try it still but thinking to give it a try.

    Looking forward to read some informative post about Google Caffeine as you write really nice post on SEO :-)

  5. Any ideas on how to get accepted to ebay. I have tried multiple times with multiple domains, one is even a great authority site, but still got denied. Have tried all sorts of ways in improve my application, but it just seems to be hit or miss and in my case always a miss.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Yes, a lot of ppl's applications get denied, and worse, a lot of ppl's epn accounts get shut down, all for no valid reason. Sad to say, but ebay and paypal think they can do what they want and not be accountable to anyone for their actions.

      The best you can do is to go to the epn forum (see link above) and ask for advice. Even I don't know why they reject or close accounts, so am unable to offer any advice :(

  6. @Luggage

    Possible? Yes. You can already check a number of plugins and softwares available for that specific job. Go to Google ;)

    Legal? I am not sure. When I used RSS feeds they were not created from a third party tool but I never had any issue with them UNTIL their QCP policy. Most important thing to remember is that regardless of whatever creative you use, they MUST BE GEO-TARGETED and should list items/auctions ENDING FIRST!


  7. Glad to come by your site to read about Ebay today. Yesterday I had great difficulty in knowing how to join Ebay as an affiliate? Your Ebay Article has alot of information to point me in the right direction. I thought I was somewhat clear on what Ebay was about but when I made attempt to join, things got more fuzzy. Appreciate you taking the time to write your informattive article to help confused persons such as myself. Thanks for helping. I think your info. will point me in the right direction.

  8. Wow, there's some really good stuff there. I haven't quite read it all yet, but got several good ideas brewin' from what I have.

    I need to go signup for their affiliate program again. I joined back when they switched over from CJ, but never used it much and they canceled my account. Hopefully, I can get approved again with a different email. B)>

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