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  1. What a great detailed article. I don't use filezilla a lot so actually learned a lot of little features it has from this article. I use a very simple program for mac called CyberDuck although do have filezilla as occassionally Cyberduck has problems connecting and Filezilla is better at this.

  2. FINALLY! An explanation of FTP that even I can understand! I've always been afraid to try it because I was afraid I would mess something up. You are a true genius for making it easy to understand!

  3. Yes, Arindam, I see lots of people are still struggling to do FTP.

    In fact I have stopped using FTP program more than a decade ago. You really don't need an FTP program if you're using Windows (I don't know about MAC).

    In Windows, you can map a drive to an ftp site that will look like your windows folder. How Nice!.

    This is what you should do.

    1. Open any windows folder
    2 Select Tools from the menu
    3. Select Map network drive
    4. Click on the link Connect to a web site that you can store ....
    5. Add Network location Wizard will start. Click Next
    6. Select Choose a custom network location. Click Next
    7. Type in the location starting with ftp://
    8. Provide user name and password.

    If you want to do CHMOD folder in a *nix type server, use the cpanel and its file manager.

    I think I should write a blog post in my blog about this steps.

  4. @Free Classifieds Blog ,

    Thanks. Interesting stuff coz I did not really know about it before. ;-)

    I think only downside to your method is (unless I am missing anything) that it does not give as much "portability" as you get with a FTP client like Filezilla (I mean, you can take your queue and ftp settings with you anywhere you like and Filezilla works on both mac and windows).

    So maybe I would stick to using my fav FTP client lol. But I definitely appreciate your input. It helped me learn something new, and I am sure it would also help others who read this article. :)

  5. I use filezilla when uploading plugins to my wordpress site. I never actually understand some of it's functions thanks for your post I understant it now better than before.

  6. Arindam, very good explanation, you have taken all the mystery out of a challenging task. I have always used FTP Pro and didn't know what half of the functions do. I'll give Filezilla a try. Thanks

  7. The protocol is the same, but web base FTP, like Bravehost.com uses, is a Java Applet which you can use FTP from your bravehost.com site's File Manager. I always prefer to use a FTP program on my computer.

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