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6 Credit Card Do's and Don'ts

I find it indeed quite funny that the 'make money' ebooks tell you everything about how to make money with 'no investment', but strangely enough, they don't mention the fact that without credit card you cannot move a step. Whether you are doing business online or buying stuff from internet-based stores, you need the help of plastic cards (there maybe alternative options for US folks but most of us, overseas guys have no other option). And you all know that my credit card problems have taken up so much of January 2008 that I may well call this month 'the month of my credit card woes'. Anyway, even from my problems, I learned something, and I am going to share with you what I learned. 

Don't take cards from third parties: Actually, my bank didn't issue the card directly. They JVed with a credit card company and that is how I got the cards. You may well call it my hamartia, or 'error of judgment' but one of the biggest mistakes I made was that of going ahead with the card creation even when my bank said that they won't be taking any responsibility for the credit cards (funny, talk of shirking responsibility).

At that time however, I had no option; I had to hop from one Paypal account to another, leaving behind a lot of funds as I couldn't buy anything once my account reached the sending limit; that is the reason I created the cards. Anyhow, lesson learned, and right now, I am contacting only those banks who issue credit cards directly rather than through third parties; this way I can go to the bank for redresses.

Conduct local enquiries: Whether you are getting cards directly from your bank or a third party company, you should always conduct local enquiries. My second mistake was that I didn't make any enquiry about the credit card company from other card holders. Much later news flashed that the credit card company is involved in fraud amounting to thousands of rupees. For example, in one case, they credited an amount of Rs.40, 000 to the account of someone who has never taken any credit card from them at all! And there was this woman who had paid up most of her loan installments but the repayments were not properly recorded and her loan balance defaulted to the original amount. Well, that was when I realized that I have made a great mistake, but it was too late!

Keep a backup credit card: Mistake#3 I made was that of not keeping a backup card. I just relied on the credit cards issued from one source and didn't make any attempt to get a couple more from other banks, not realizing what will happen to my business (which relies totally on credit cards) if my one and only card becomes non-operational!

Never ask anyone to lend their card to you, because no one will: I wouldn't call this exactly a mistake, but I requested two of my friends and one warrior (who is known as a kind man) to lend me cards for just one month, with the condition that I would Paypal them all the money that I spend from the card (it so happens that some of the most important services that I use such as hosting, autoresponders, etc,. don't accept anything less than a credit card), and I made a fool of myself in doing this, because all of them politely refused me (some even threw in some tangent generalizations)! Not their fault exactly, but if you read the newspaper regularly you will realize why they refused it!

My father has a friend who possesses a credit card and we were discussing about requesting him to lend the card for a month on the condition that we would send him a check for the total expenses; but my father is quite hesitant because you know, it is a question of credit cards!

Last week I read a news that a niece (or nephew, I don't remember) stole her aunt's card and made a long list of purchases! The aunt, who had never used the card in her life, was left stumped when she was handed over the huge credit card bill at the end of the month. And it all happened in the good old Calcutta!  Who am I to blame if my friends refuse to lend me cards? You see, no one can be trusted these days, not even those with blood relations.

Never throw away your old cards: If your old cards have become non-operational or invalid for any reason (perhaps you have asked the card issuing bank to block them), don't destroy them! You see, I realized that it becomes easier to get new cards by showing the old cards. I actually used my invalid card to get card from another bank (my old card served as proof of my credit); when they saw my old cards they were not interested in seeing anything else; they even stopped asking questions about my monthly income!

Register your phone number in the bank's "do not call" registry: During the process of card creation, you will need to give your phone number to the bank. Trouble may start when you receive non-stop offers from the bank staff. That is why, a few months after your card has been issued, you may safely register your phone number in the bank's do not call registry (most reputed banks have one). I did this and after a month they have stopped harassing me with their stupid offers.

I learned many things from my bad decisions and mistakes, and sincerely hope that you won't repeat the same! A credit card is your good friend but it can also turn into your worst enemy and give you the kind of nightmares that I had to go through. Some simple precautions will ensure that they don't happen frequently!

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I Lost an Opportunity! Help!!!

Are you someone who seeks and runs after every given opportunity? Do you find yourself among a backlog of workload that you do not have time to finish simply because you can never stop yourself from being an opportunity seeker? Well you are not the only one of a kind! Everyday in the Warrior Forum, I see posts about encouragement and success, and side by side, I also see posts about failures and frustration. The amazing thing is that the solutions for the failed and frustrated marketers often lie in the posts they make; just that they don't see it, or don't want to see it. I just figured that if any of my NuttieViralizer subscribers are suffering from the same problem, today's newsletter would encourage them to look beyond opportunities, if nothing more.

The 3 Surefire Ways to Save Yourself From IM Jungle

1. Hate Yourself, Not the Seller: A lot of people believe that since they are sold crap *by* a seller, it is the seller who is at fault. True, the seller is surely guilty of selling crap, but then again, your fault is even greater than theirs. For it was YOU who pulled out the credit card during checkout and paid for the crap. The seller didn't force you to pay; he cannot. You might say that you were so much fascinated by the sales copy that you were totally blown away by the offer. I don't believe any IMer would be so stupid as to be blown away by copywriting tricks, unless you are totally gullible and novice, or have lost your commonsense as well as ability to think and act for yourself. It is like saying that you were so enamored by the beauty of the girl that you failed to see her negative traits. ;)

Please, please use some commonsense when purchasing anything. Do not be one among the herd. Don't just purchase any and every stuff that comes out there. Don't jump on any bandwagon just because your 'friends' are in it. If the seller happens to be a stranger or if you have even the slightest doubt about a product then don't be shy about asking the Warriors.

Case in point: Google Payload. Unless you have been under a rock, you know how many big names promoted it. But I didn't purchase it based on the hype. I went to the Warrior Forum's review section, checked what others are saying and judging by the amount of negative reviews posted by the actual buyers of the product, I decided to pass up the offer. Others might disagree with me, but I am the kind of guy who don't want to throw my money down the drain :) Also remember to look beyond the first few posts in a review thread, because chances are that they are 'positive reviews' left by the promoters of the product. Also try to check the 'history' of the product creator; in this case, Alex Goad is also the author/publisher of the infamous Project Black Mask.

As you can see, I am NOT inserting a single affiliate link here, because I am not promoting these products. By all means, you can find tons of 'conscienceless gurus' who would send you dozens of bonuses and rebates just for purchasing the product from their affiliate links.

Remember that it is always easy to blame the seller and hide your own faults. Instead of putting the unequivocal blame on the seller, can you please blame yourself for not having done your due diligence? Before checking at a dentist's clinic, don't you verify all his credentials before you actually pay him any money? Then why should it be any different online? Why should you accept everything at face value?

2. 'Lost' Opportunity isn't Actually Lost: Lots of marketers will tell you that an opportunity like XXX comes only once in a while. I disagree. I have seen many similar opportunities cropping up multiple times during my IM career. Even the 'never-to-be-repeated' opportunities got repeated again, which is when I figured out that it is all hype and nothing else. If you miss a product launch today, don't fret about it! Be glad that you got a chance to read product reviews from actual buyers (instead of affiliate reviews) and then make an informed decision about whether to spend money on it or not.

3. A Tool is Only As Good As the User: Ultimately, all tools and strategies in the market won't replace the YOU within yourself. You are the one who would actually be using the tool, and the way you use it will determine your success. If you think outside of the box, chances are that your success rate will be greater than if you just follow a blueprint to the letter. Further, if you take no action at all, then every tool, every strategy and every secret you have got/learnt about is useless. Then there would be no difference between you and someone who has not got these tools, strategies or secrets.

That is why YOU need to make the decision as to how to best use a tool or strategy. A tool will save you time, a strategy will guide you towards your goal, but ultimately, YOU are the creator of your own fate; you are the one who is responsible for the way your business runs.

Here is how to go about it (the plain old way)-create a long-term as well as several short-term (or immediate) goals for yourself. Then visualize how you will reach the long-term goal through the short-term goals. This vision will serve as your ultimate guide. After that, for every item you purchase, you should ask yourself just ONE question:

"Will it help me reach my immediate goal of xxx?"

If the answer is 'no', then STOP! If you purchase that item you will be wasting your money because chances are that you are purchasing it to 'use later' and make no mistake, that 'later' time will NEVER come.

I hope this article helps you look beyond 'lost opportunities' and over-hyped sales pages. If you have been floundering into the internet marketing jungle without any respite, then this article will certainly go a long way in helping you find your way out!

How did you like this article? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

I REMOVED Blogrush

I don't know about you but I removed the Blogrush widget from my blog today. I will give you my reasons below. As you know, I was one of the guys who said that Blogrush was bringing in traffic. Well, it was correct at the same when I said it. However things changed after John Reese began his famous Blogrush slap.

Now, my blog was NOT made inactive. But I have been testing my stats for quite a while and this is what I get to see:

1. I am getting regular visitors from,,,, and a host of other domains.

2. I am NOT getting any traffic from Blogrush. Traffic from Blogrush stopped right when John Reese decided to roll out a major 'clean-out of splogs' (no offense to him by the way; it is his business, his project and he can do whatever he thinks fit). As far as I have heard, even some legitimate blogs were slapped in the process. Anyway, I am digressing here. The last time I received any visitors from Blogrush was on 19th October, that too, only about 2. Well, I value my blog and for the sake of just one or two visitors every once in awhile, I won't keep a widget for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To me, keeping the widget on my blog any further made no sense. So,


People in the Warrior forum have started ranting against Blogrush sometime ago. But I kept silent, because my aim was to keep an eye on my stats for a certain period of time before taking any decision.

My friend, numbers don't lie. Yes, if I had not checked my stats, then maybe I had blindly believed that Blogrush is still working, that it is still sending me traffic and so on and so forth. But since I test and track my results, I can tell you which domains are bringing me traffic and which are not. And this helps me the other way round as well: I can focus on the domains that are bringing me traffic, and discard the losers.

So, did you get the moral of the story? Always test and track. Always SEE with your own eyes instead of making guesswork. Let me repeat: 'Numbers DON'T lie'. To tell you the truth, I have not placed any Digg widget or any Google widget on my site, still they are bringing me traffic. Do you think you would keep a widget and waste your precious virtual real estate (a.k.a., your blog) without any benefits? I mean, you can do much better by placing a Clickbank affiliate product banner on the same place and make some cash (I have not done it myself because I want to keep my blog ad-free). I forgot to tell you - after I removed the Blogrush widget, my blog is loading faster. :)

Now, if Blogrush is bringing you quality traffic, then fine. But if it is bringing you a few visitors only once in a while, well folks then it is time to get REAL.

Food for thought. I will leave the decision on you.

Get Rid of Unprofitable Businesses

Hey c'mon guys! I mean, it happens. You purchase a keyword-rich domain and have high hopes of converting it into a cash machine, but your hopes don't get fulfilled and your dreams are shattered because of some twist or turn of events. And then, what will you do with the domain? Let it expire on its own? Most stupid domain owners would like to do just that. But I am about to reveal a secret here using which you can profit even from your 'dead' domains.

Instead of letting the domain expire on its own, and let someone else purchase the domain, why not sell it yourself and make some quick cash? You won't get paid a lot per domain if your domain has no pagerank or backlinks, but you will get paid nonetheless. To me, any money is good money. And here is an idea I used to sell a lot of my 'dead' domains within hours!

Okay, I must confess. My business plan a year ago was different from what it is now; and it is only natural. Obviously, I learned more stuff in 2007 than I did in 2006. So, as time went by and I learned new things, I realized that my existing business model is not what I would like to pursue. Just to give you a clue, my old domains were not branded with the word 'nuttie'.  That makes a BIG difference. Actually, I learned about branding myself only after I joined the Turbo Membership. But that's a different story.

When I realized that my old domains would be of no use to me, and most of them were about to expire in 2 or 3 months, I decided to sell them. These domains were either new or unused; as such, I had little or no hopes of selling them on the DP Forum. Even then, I mustered some courage and put up an auction. I was even willing to giveaway some of the domains for a buck or two. And mind you; all of them were keyword-rich. Some were niche-related domains and others were for internet marketing. And here is how things worked out for me:

I was barely able to sell two of my domains. I waited for days hoping to sell more, but nothing happened. That auction died a natural death. But then, every death is the harbinger of a new life, and likewise, this flop auction too gave me an idea.

I asked myself: why not give people a business idea for every domain that I list in the auction? The business idea doesn't necessarily need to be anything fancy. I decided to go by my gut and mention the idea or business model that prompted me to purchase the domains. Obviously, each domain was purchased for a different purpose. So, for every domain listed in the auction, I mentioned that 'purpose' as a business idea. So do you think this auction flopped as well?

If you think so then you cannot be further from the truth! Right when people saw that they can monetize each domain in a unique way, they purchased not just one, but two, three or four at one go! Yes, that is not a typo: people purchased my domains in pairs! And I was able to sell all of my 'dead' domains within 4 hours flat. To top it all, I was also able to earn about 5 positive itraders. :D

So, here is the moral of the story in short: if you have an under-monetized domain that you think is not bringing you enough profit, consider selling it at the DP forum, or at Sitepoint. And please list at least one business idea that people can use to monetize that domain immediately! Remember that the less amount of hard work involved in your idea, the better. People are lazy by nature, and they would want to set up a business with little or no hard work. They don't want to do any guesswork; they don't want to go through any trial-and-error. Accept it as a fact and take advantage of it. Give the market what it wants. If you are selling a shovel tell people what they can do with it (don't assume they  know it already), and you will be able to sell it faster! :)

DON'T Throw Away That Pen!

The headline might seem odd to most of my regular readers and I won't be surprised if I get the lowest ever CTR! But then, when I write something, I don't necessary think about CTR and visitors. Everything I post here has a purpose, and this post too has a purpose of its own. So my question to you is: do ever touch your pen?

Don't look at me like a weirdo! Most of us get so much involved into the flow of internet marketing that we become keyboard-manic, and rarely touch our pen. I am telling you this from my experience as well as of a few others I know.

Long ago, when I didn't even know the "I" of internet marketing, I used to write short poems as well as stories. I could remember that my classmates would appreciate most of them, as well tease me for some of the weirder stuff. Well, things changed after I joined internet marketing. I abandoned my pen altogether, and started learning to type. While I became somewhat good at typing, I almost forgot all about writing. The ink in my pen dried up (I didn't even know it till after a long time) and long afterwards when I started to write again, I realized that I had lost my desire to write as well as my creativity. Seriously, even today I regret abandoning my pen like that! :(

Sorry for the long rambling about myself. My intention was not to waste your time but you know I cannot talk about myself anywhere else except in this newsletter. ;) Now, if you are not using pen and paper everyday, here is one top reason why you should!

Whatever you write can be converted into MONEY!: Much before I wrote my bum marketing report as well as some other reports, I would regularly write short notes in my diary: about my successes, my failures, etc. I learned about note-taking from a veteran internet marketer, who also told me once that the writer doesn't wait for inspiration, and that the best way to get out of writer's block is to write 100 words per day. While I don't agree with his first advice (I cannot write without inspiration), I totally agree with the second, because it has worked for me!

Now, you may argue with me: "But hey, I can do the same thing with my keyboard as well! Why not open up Word and type it, instead of using pen and paper?" Well, you are missing one crucial point here. You see, if you write instead of typing stuff, you would remember things better (don't trust me on this; test it yourself). You see, all the self improvement experts out there who talk about goal setting and all that, usually advice people to write down their goals on paper instead of typing them somewhere; that way, they are more likely to act on those goals instead of forgetting them!

So, if you are typing it all day long, consider taking a break and using that pen and paper. Your finger tips (as well as your keyboard) will thank you for it. Please do it! I am asking you nicely! :)

If you don't know what to write about, just use my approach: Everyday, make it a point to write about your internet marketing successes, or your failures, or simply what you learned on that day, or what happened in your family, etc. DON'T think about perfection, because no one is going to see your notes!

Take notes while reading: Too many times, we tend to forget what we read in ebooks. A good way to avert this problem is to take notes as you read your ebook. Preferably, note down important points taught in the ebook in a diary or notebook and try to keep your diary topical. I keep separate notebooks for separate topics, such as list building, niche marketing, traffic, etc. Each notebook deals with ebooks centered on THAT topic only!

Side note: Sometimes I write down stuff that I have typed in my computer, especially if it is a very urgent stuff. Why? I don't trust my computer too much. It is after all a machine; so what will happen if it goes bust one day?

Something to ponder about :)

Top 5 Link Directory Submission Mistakes

So you are desperate for getting some PR link juice from others and are seeking the right service which would submit your site to 1000s of link directories, presumably because one SEO Guru has told you that this is the quickest and easiest way to get a huge pagerank? Before you jump on boards, wait! You are going to make some major mistakes.

1. Don't Expect Any Traffic From Link Directories: Too many times I find seo gurus advising newbies to submit their sites to 1000s of link directories in order to get a lot of traffic from search engines as well as a high pagerank. First of all, you rarely get any considerable amount of traffic from link directories. If you want to get PR juice as well as traffic, then your correct destination should be article directories, instead of link directories. Secondly, submitting to thousands of link directories is fine, as long as you follow some rules.

2. Don't Use Automated Softwares: In my bum marketing report, I wrote that when submitting your site to link directories, you should do it manually or outsource someone rather than using software. Most automated softwares list invalid URLs whose pagerank has dropped or is about to drop. Secondly, from my experience, I have found that these softwares mostly list sites that require you to give them a reciprocal link. While reciprocal links are fine, one-way links are what you should be aiming at as Google gives more value to one-way links than others.

3. Relevancy is the key. When it comes to link directories, it is NOT always a number's game: In my bum marketing report, I also advised that you should submit your site only to directories that are relevant to your content. Don't submit to a directory dealing exclusively with pets if your site is about self improvement. This is sound commonsense I know, but a lot of people make this silly mistake of submitting their sites to all directories and sundry, in the hope of getting a higher pagerank. Remember that Google rewards relevancy more than the number of backlinks your site gets. In my opinion, it is any day better to submit to 50 relevant directories rather than submitting my site to 1000s of directories whose content doesn't even remotely match mine. Don't get surprised if after submitting to thousands of link directories, your pagerank is actually dropped. That is how Google punishes untoward and dishonest people. :D

4. Be A Good Guy: You know that honesty is the best policy; well, when it comes to Google, it is better to deal with it honestly rather than trying to screw it. So, if you are submitting to say, 500 directories, it is fine as long as you don't submit your site to all of them at once. Instead, spread out your submission. Make it a point to submit your website to say, 10 or 20 directories per day, and try to be consistent. That way you will come across as an honest person rather than a fly-by-night marketer :)

5. DON'T Buy Links: Google has been cracking down on paid links of late. So even if you buy 7 PR8 backlinks, you may not get their benefit because from what I have heard from some experts, Google is actually blocking the high pagerank sites from passing on their link juice to others. For Google, pagerank is not a thing to be sold; it is a prize to be earned by hard work.

So there you have it: if you ever want to submit your site to link directories, just play by the rules and you will be OK.

Aweber or Feedburner? Which One to Use?

Thanks to Blogrush, today I came across this post from Gobala Krishnan's Blog:

While I do agree with him on many counts, I would beg to differ with him on a few things, based on my stats.

First of all, let me tell you that Feedburner and Aweber are completely different tools made for different purposes; while Aweber is very good at traditional list management and blog broadcasting, Feedburner provides you and your subscribers with many other options that Aweber doesn't. Don't get me wrong here: Aweber is a nice tool and it does what it does great, but when it comes to blogging, I would not like to ignore Feedburner's tremendous contribution.

MY stats tell me that 70% of my blog visitors subscribe to Feedburner's RSS feed via a feed reader. Most people subscribe either through Firefox or Google Desktop. Only a few people have subscribed to my Nuttieviralizer newsletter (which uses Aweber).

Now, as you know, all Nuttieviralizer newsletter subscribers get the same blog broadcasts as my regular RSS subscribers. On top of that, I giveaway my 7–part info product e-course plus two exclusive bonuses to my Nuttieviralizer newsletter subscribers that are not available to my regular blog readers. But for some reason, people find it easier (or safer) to subscribe to an RSS feed.

This of course is based on my own experience. I am not saying that one thing is better than the other. Okay, now let me tell you something about my click through stats.

Not surprisingly, most of my click-throughs come from Feedburner (only a few people click through my Aweber broadcasts; again this is something that I know from Feedburner's stats). I don’t know any special reason behind this, except guessing that maybe my email subscribers' inboxes are cluttered with junk and spam (I don't mean those Viagra ads or the Nigerian scams :D ; even some of our regular internet marketers promise one thing to their subscribers and deliver something else; that is also a form of spam) so they miss out my messages most of the time. In contrast, my RSS subscribers can see and choose which blogs to subscribe to, and hence their feed readers are not that cluttered.

So, what do I recommend? Well, since both Feedburner and Aweber have their own pros and cons, I would recommend you use both services. Your blog readers will be comprised of different types of individuals: some will prefer email, others will prefer RSS feeds (in fact, if you ask me, I still prefer the good old email to RSS Feeds). While you CAN broadcast your blog with Aweber, Aweber doesn't give you as many options as Feedburner does with regards to blog broadcasting. So, use both. Depending on your list building model, you may actually paste both your Aweber subscription form as well as Feedburner Chicklet on your blog.

And whoever said that you cannot send promotional offers to your RSS subscribers? What stops you from posting a promo or endorsement about a product (affiliate or otherwise) on your blog? If you are like me, you would perhaps post a promotional message regarding one of your product, and at the end of the message, give people a link to a squeeze page where people can opt in for more information about your product (you can then follow-up with them with the help of Aweber). The broadcast message goes out to all your subscribers, regardless of whether they are subscribed by email or RSS.

I don't send out many promos through this blog; in fact, I hardly send out promotions at all. But that is not because I cannot do it; firstly it is my personal blog and I don't want it clustered with marketing ruckus; and secondly, I HATE pitches.

Note that what I have said here is not based on the stats of just one blog. In fact, I have THREE active blogs. I have a blog in IM niche and another one in a medical niche. And the story is the same everywhere :)

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you on this topic.

How I 'Fooled'

Sometimes I really do some unconventional stuff and even outrageous stuff. This week I got a chance to 'break the rules' by submitting four private label articles to the most distinguished article directory of the internet. Some gurus would advise you that as a rule, you need to rewrite PLR articles completely in order to be able to submit them to article directories; or at least, you need to rewrite 90% of the content. Nonsense! I am here to prove them wrong.

This week, I took out four old plr articles on traffic generation. The articles themselves were not too bad. Anyway, I didn't do a complete rewrite of the plr articles. Each article had about 11 paragraphs of text and some of them were filler content. For each article, what I did was rewrite the first four paragraphs and the last two paragraphs. In fact, while rewriting, I removed all the fluff and filler (because I hate them), got the meat and rewrote it. I left the five paragraphs in the middle intact. And of course, I gave original titles to my articles :)

Now, I submitted those articles to,,, etc (I submitted them under a pen name). Now, before submitting the articles to (which is known to have a bigger and more sensitive nose than the rest of the article directories), I took ample precautions. I didn't use my primary account for this purpose. Instead, I opened another basic account, and then I submitted my articles under a pen name and in the appropriate category.

Now, you know that basic members have to wait for days to get an article approved, so I had to wait for 4 days to get them approved, and they GOT approved!

You believe it! I maybe edited 50-60% of the plr content and still managed to bypass their 'sensitive nose'.

So, that was all about this week. Right now I don't plan to do this kind of stuff regularly but anyway, if you ever want to go my way, make sure you have taken the same precautions as mine. You never know … :)

And make sure that your plr article is not some junk article, or it won't get approved anyway :)

Lastly, try to write original articles as far as possible. If you want to go my route, no harm. Just make sure you get your articles from quality plr sites. Unless you have gotten the plr articles from quality sites such as All Private Label Content, you are sure to get junk content most of the time. I am a member of All Private Label Content plus a few other sites. Sometimes I purchase plr stuff from WSOs as well. Note that the plr I submitted to the article directories were NOT junk content, though they had some filler stuff. If they were junk I probably had to rewrite them entirely :)

Oh, and while talking of article writing, a few months ago I had released my flagship report on bum marketing-the Nuttie Bums. This report contains three ways you can make the bum marketing thing work smarter for you! It doesn't contain the ordinary bum marketing stuff; in fact, some of you may find certain things in the report to be outrageous :) But again, feel free to check it.

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'Dead' Site Walking

I am usually not a fan of firesales. With a few exceptions, I don't generally buy products from firesales. Reason? Many! Mostly I don't like them because either there is a lack of product-related support, or the products sold are crappy and useless. But there are a few marketers who I really like very much and whenever they host any firesales I make sure to purchase them right away! These are the few marketers who know what a firesale actually is. It so happened that I was so impressed with the products of a particular firesale that I contacted the webmaster and asked him when is he going to host the next firesale? His reply was rather vague, and he said that firesales have taken a beating these days. Think about it: he is one who makes a lot of money from firesales, and he himself has negative views about it. What do you conclude from it? :) Anyways, I didn't reply back to him, but at the back of my mind I knew how wrong he was! Firesales are certainly not dead, nor have they taken a beating. As always, the rule of Internet marketing is that, over time, only profitable businesses will survive. Websites that sell good products, be it on a stand-alone basis or in firesales, are extremely popular and will continue to be. His comment further reminds me of some other marketers who created websites claming that giveaways are dead, adsense is dead, email marketing is dead and the father of them all- Internet marketing itself is dead! So what is my take on these 'dead' sites? Are giveaways dead? Certainly not. And I am not saying this just because I happened to host a giveaway last year. The giveaway was not really huge, but my members and JV partners were extremely pleased with it, and that is what ultimately matters to me: more than making money, satisfying members customers should be the top priority of any business, online or offline. But I myself knew of many junk giveaway websites which didn't provide any value to members in spite of their big launches. And these giveaways fell dead on tracks. This prompted the 'gurus' to claim that giveaways are dead. But this is simply not true. The profitable giveaways continue to survive and deliver value, and people swear by these sites. The second point: is Adsense is dead? Now I am not an Adsense guru so I am not sure whether I am qualified to comment on this, but the fact remains that I do make money in adsense, however little it is, and that tells me that Adsense is not dead. However, adsense is certainly not suitable as a full time job. You can earn money through adsense through part time work, but if you want to make a full time living with it, there is a lot of hard work involved in it. If you want to succeed in the shortest possible time then adsense certainly should not be your goal. The third point: is email marketing dead? Not really. If it would have been dead then the 90% of marketers who use email marketing as a primary source of income would have been dead too! Don't you agree? Smile Arrival of RSS doesn't mean that email marketing is dead. Forget using it- how many newbies who surf the internet everyday know the meaning of RSS?  Internet marketing is certainly not dead. If anything then the B.S marketing is slowly dying. Do you know the reason for developing websites that claim a popular thing (such as Adsense or Internet marketing) to be dead ? Well, these gurus have two aims in mind. A) They want to scare you away. Once you move out of the market, that means thay have just nuked out one of their potential competitors. B) If you are one who won't move out of the market just because somebody said something won't work,then these gurus will scare you into believing that they,and only THEY have the right solution to your problems. For example,the guru who used to claim that adsense is dead was found out to have created a memberhsip site that is supposed to become an 'alternative source of income' for "ex-adsense" publishers.  Bottomline is, they want to make the reality as scary as possible. Once you are scared, you will do two things: 1. Join their mailing list; 2. Buy whatever they have got to offer you, as a 'solution to easy success'. Believe it or not, this is a new marketing tactic, and an easy way to fleece the innocent consumer. You, as a newboy, rely on the so-called 'integrity' of the guru, and even before you realize it, you have been defrauded by that guru! Now,I am not saying that all gurus are bad. There are some gurus who are actually quite helpful to the newbies. But the number of such gurus overall can be roughly estimated at just 10%. How long will this continue to be like this? No one knows. But there is a solution to it. The next time someone comes up with a claim that something is 'dead', ask yourself: is it really dead? Always research and try to find the truth before you believe the next guru! Thank you for reading this far.

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