3 thoughts on “Blogging With Success: Part 1: List of Useful WordPress Plug-Ins

  1. I opened this website for myself long time ago. Today it has become even better. I like the links and info that is given here, I just dislike some people. They make a lot of mistakes when posting or commenting. They are usually rude and have a bunch of problems I think. They spoil this website. I would want them to leave this place alone and go somewhere else to have their kind of fun.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments dj. I just wished all people were like you! :)

    Thankfully I have Akismet to keep 'rude' people out of my blog! ;)


  3. Nice post. Just discovered this blog - new to me in 2009 - so I'll be coming back for more useful comment. Happy new year to all

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