STOP Harassing Me With Browser Upgrade Notices!

Okay just a plain rant and nothing more, so feel free to ignore it; I just hate being dictated to...esp. since I don't consider myself to be a complete a**hole.

So what happened? Well it is a fact that I have been using FF 3.5.17 which I have been extremely happy with. It is fast, freezes much less, and is more reliable overall than its successors. Yes I know perhaps a LOT of FF fans won't agree with me but these threads (not to mention my own personal experience) do not lie, I am sure:

I don't know why, but recently a certain trend has started: lot of big shot companies have started to bug their users by asking them to upgrade their browsers. If I am correct, it all started with Google making its "plus" service available only those who have a 'hi-fi' browser like say, FF 5.

Okay, I can live without Google plus. Next youtube started it by asking people to upgrade their browsers because it would no longer support browsers below the 'xxx' level. However, since I could still browse videos fine with my browser I ignored that too. I can no longer see that notice on youtube; I guess it was sort of a 'flop' so they took it down! ;)

Of late Gmail has started displaying a similar notice every time I would log in to my account, which in turn has made Gmail slower than it was already. Every time I click the "Dismiss" link it vanishes but comes back if I log out and log in again:

Then, it was the turn of PayPal: a big red, in-your face notice in your account's homepage, once again asking users to upgrade their browsers because of 'security' reasons.

Hmm, as a sidenote, almost every new update of software has one or the other security hole, which is solved in yet another future update; yet companies continue to use the same 'security' hook over and over to induce people to upgrade their softwares and such other stuff.

I do upgrade what I feel is necessary: like my Windows, anti virus, etc. But if something is working well for me then why would I upgrade it anyway? Besides I did use FF 4 at one point of time and it was so slow I had to revert back to the current 3.5.17 version. I sure as hell ain't going to upgrade my browser unless I am literally kicked out either by PayPal or Google! Why? I do believe that I know quite well what is good for me and what is not. I am not a 6-year old kid, and I don't think it is anyone's business to tell me what browser I should use and what I should not.

I have been using this Firefox version for years without even a silly Trojan affecting my system, and now someone comes up and advises me should have made me chuckle but I really got pissed off - enough to force to me to let off some steam, and I just wrote exactly what I feel.  
Am I egoistic? Obstinate? Haughty? Maybe! Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this. Just click here to post your thoughts. :)

BTW, I am actually eager to read what the conspiracy theorists might have to say on this! :D :P