7 thoughts on “Attention Indian Paypal Users

  1. Thanks for the reference. I have already withdrawn money to my bank account. But to do that we need to enter Mobile No and PAN number.

  2. Ok.. I’m a Blogger as well as a Freelancer , but my major Money came as a Prize Money and some i earn through Bux sites. Than which Code shall i use P0801/02/03 ?

  3. That's good news... But All the Indian freelancers should get IEC code regardless of this Paypal issue.

    Your most major issues will be with Banks and Income tax department. IEC code, PAN will smooth things a lot.

  4. Yes, I got the same email from paypal... It did piss me off. Specially about the paying for the services.. I am paying for so many things/services using paypal.

    At least with IEC code, you can legally get wire transfer or checks to your account.

    That's one of the reason I got offline and started my business there too.

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