4 thoughts on “The Appendix of Cpanel!

  1. Thanks for this eye opening facts.
    I only once used CPanel based VPS when I started my IM. It also costs 85$ per month. Gladly I stopped using that cpanel vps after a few months..

    Then I used a DirectAdmin VPS later. Cost was very low compared to cpanel vps. It was around 10$ per month.

    So I got familiarized with two major controlpanels and found directadmin does things like cpanel. Those who comes from cpanel to directadmin may feel some difficulty, but directadmin is simple to use.

    But I dont know directadmin have any addons that uses too much resources or space. Well, I am satisfied with directadmin because it is a good cpanel alternative comes with same functionality and low price.

    1. Actually I had considered using directadmin once but was not particularly sure I could handle it myself. Like you said, cpanel users may find it a bit difficult. Someday I might find time to learn it LOL. My current hosts offers you 3 choices though: Directadmin, Cpanel, Plesk, and even the "plain unmanaged" package.

  2. Thanks for this post, though i feel this is too advance for me, because about Cpanel itself i still learn from the basic videos lessons. But i believe this info will be useful in my future Cpanel lessons.
    Achmad K W

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