8 thoughts on “9 Ways to Speed Up Your PC!

  1. Hi Arindam,

    I have been using CCleaner for a long time, but you showed me things I should be doing that I didn't have a clue about! Thank you for being so thorough.

  2. Hi Arindam,
    That was a long awaited and well written content rich article, which I am sure will benefit plenty of users like me. Thanks again. Keep posting similar articles. All the best to you

  3. Thanks for the tips Arindam.
    As it turns out I've been a fan of CCleaner and RevoUninstaller for some time now.
    I'll be following your advice about only using CCleaner to clean the registry.
    Defraggler is a new one on me so I'll give it a look.
    Keep up the good work and if you don't mind me saying so...not boring. ha ha.

  4. Great post, most people who go out and buy a new PC don't actually need one. Unless you do graphic intensive work, play the latest games or just NEED the latest and greatest it often helps to try and boost your old machine.

  5. I found these tips very informative - I was glued to it to the end. Too many info to consume - you really got me bored as promised. (kidding) :) . Would love it if you could make it several parts, though. Thanks for the well laid out post.

  6. Good post Arindam. Just like any other porfession or work, internet marketers also need tools to do their job easier and faster. And for internet marketers, before anything else their computer is their main tool so keeping it in tip top running condition should always be the number 1 priority.

    Good wake-up call for me coz I myself sometimes get caught up with other things and not doing what I need to do to keep my computer in good shape.

  7. Hey Arindam.

    Thanks for this great article. I've used CCleaner (didn't know it was Crap Cleaner) for quite some time now. Recently, I invested in Reimage Repair to try to help me get my computer running smoothly again. I had been having issues with programs crapping out, Outlook looking up(Outlook problems abound so I wasn't shocked), and numerous other problems. Reimage Repair was worthless - even though it was recommended by Woody's Windows Watch. Just another program to remove money from my bank account.

    In fact, it screwed everything up so badly that my only recourse was to completely format my hard drive and start over. I had been trying to limp my computer along until I could afford a new one and was hoping it would last a while. I've never been a proponent of the "format your hard drive every year and start over" club and have never recommended that to anyone. I've always scoffed at the idea.

    However, after doing just that, I don't need a new computer. I've got a super fast computer that seems to run even faster than I ever remember it running. It's been a while since I've been able to use my computer with this much pleasure. Much of my time for the past couple of years has been spend "waiting" while something happened in the background so I could get back to doing things.

    Your article here shows several things that are really helpful. I echo your sentiments to not use these programs that tinker with the registry. They'll make you go grey before your time. If you need to tinker in the registry, either do it manually (after making a backup) or get a teenager to do it (after making a backup). It will save you money on hair coloring .

    Thanks for yet another great article. And, NO, it wasn't boring.

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