8 thoughts on “8 Tips for Fixing High Bounce Rates

  1. Thanks so much for all of the tips, Arindam! I appreciate all of the links you shared, and I'll be checking them out to see how I can improve some of my sites that need a little boost.


  2. Hello,
    Really valuable tips complete with steps to fix the problem. I need practices to implement all the guides.
    BTW, Arindam, you know i'm a newbie don't you, so how do i know and to monitor about this "bounce-rates"?
    Thank you.

    1. Great. :) I am basically a free member of iwebtool. Would be interested to know if the gold membership benefits you (I assume it would). :)

      Anyway, I know it is none of my business, but I expected you to open a blog or review site on reiki, as you are an expert in that niche and I feel you could offer a lot more to the information seekers and also add more to your bottomline that way, compared to creating a 'me-too' PIPS site. I know I started with PIPS too, but I dumped it just as quick. I know building a blog takes some time and skill, but it is definitely not that hard. You could begin right from here:



      I have a friend who is an expert on a number of topics, line dancing being one, so she has this blog:


      Just so it inspires you, she has very little technical knowledge on blogs but I think she is doing pretty good for herself in spite of that.

      Not bashing u or trying to be condescending. If PIPS makes u any money, keep it, but for long term business you will definitely want to carve a niche for yourself. You will also have much less bounce rate that way! ;)

      Sorry I hardly get to email you. I gotta know a lot more on that reiki topic from you. :)

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