8 thoughts on “6 EzineArticles Myths Dispelled!

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  2. Nice one Arindam, Great Article that could break down it to a nice step by step article marketing plan. It saves not only money but importantly it saves you your time. I think I might be tempted swap some of my cash for your marketing report if it of this quality.

    Good luck in all your honest ventures


  3. Thank you for your article,
    I am in a middle of a research to consider if I should purchase a tool that calculate syntactical and contextual resemblance between articles, which is good when working with PLR, yet, my main purpose os link building and for that purpose I am not sure I should spend the money for that tool.
    You certainly gave some hints here, I hope you write because there are many that claim the opposite regarding the issue of submitting the same article over and over again to some article directories.


    1. Yeah but to save time submit only to the top directories. Submitting to sites with low or No PR/traffic is usually a waste of time :D

      I deal with the issue of dup content in a whole different article:


      And if you really want to submit unique article to each directory then invest in PEOPLE (writers) not softwares. Software-generated 'uniqueness' is usually not that perfect! :D

  4. Thank you! This is really excellent advice; in fact, you have targeted ALL my questions here. I also appreciate your straightforward, fearless approach to duplicate content. What a rule-basher! I've been writing on HubPages for almost 2 years now (as Green Lotus) and am just now waking up to the real benefits of publishing to my own site and utilizing article directories. Thanks again for the guidance.

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