10 thoughts on “6 Easy Steps to Building Money-Making Product Review Sites!

  1. As usual another boring post. Everytime I click and read, you impress me more and more. If you don't rank for multiple keywords related to "product reviews", then I quit. Well thought out, great deep information, worth bookmarking for the next time I write a review. Thanks

  2. Arandim, I DON'T think you are boring .... but a little bit ??? Giving all this great content away in one blog post.
    Your knowledge and generosity is much appreciated and your obviously "fun" personality shines through. As per above ...... YOUR AWESOME !!

  3. Hey Arindam,

    Thanks for giving me lots to think about again. I can incorporate some of your ideas into my existing websites, rather than setting up a completely new site which I like the idea of :)


  4. The article is very good telling how to make a review site. Infact, it is an awesome sample showing us how to write successfully an article promoting affiliate products.

  5. "I would say that it helps – even if subconsciously - when someone reiterates these things to you again and again!"
    I have just re-read your boring post for the third time, and I'm now working on implementing some of your advice on a very unsuccessful review site.
    The quality of your boredom is excellent. Hope you keep on boring us for a long time.

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