10 thoughts on “5 Fatal Article Marketing Mistakes

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  2. Your passion to teach came across very well. Since reading your stuff I have paid a lot more attention to what I read. I have now noticed a lot articles on Ezines seem to be no more than a carrier for a link,300 to 500 words with no real content. You just ain't going follow that link if the article is boring boring boring!

    Great Stuff
    Thank you

  3. Thanks John. :)

    Another thing you will notice is that a lot of authors have several articles under their names that are just rewrites of each other - basically, same content, with different spins.

    I have also seen articles that are so long and technical that you won't even bother to read beyond the first couple of paragrapghs.


  4. Freakin great post. I keep trying to bookmark the articles my job creates, but they use an article submitter instead of their own site. Since I'm an "entry level", I feel a little out of place telling them they should take into consideration making a blog for the sites they are doing seo on and use these articles on there. That way, we can bookmark the blog posts and build backlinks to the website. Ahh... I wish I could hire a writer.

    Seo Blah Blah Blah’s last blog post..Post Those Articles On Your Site!

  5. You are welcome :)

    Do you by any chance do the "job" of submitting articles to article directories? If yes, you might have some job here soon ;)


  6. Yup I was pointing at "I submit the articles into articlemarketer.com", minus articlemarketer.com of course, as I don't use this service ;)

    Basically right now I manually submit each article to about 7-8 individual directories (to get an idea, imagine submitting 7-8 articles at article marketer) and would love to outsource it to someone if feasible.

    But first of course I would like to know your good name. ;)


  7. Oh sorry, my name is Christopher. My email address is staticbot AT yahoo.com(sorry I don't have a professional one just yet). I would love to do this. :) This would be my first time freelancing so I'm usually worried about tax stuff, but in any case I can do this.

  8. Oh Wow, I had thought I left a message two days ago and was waiting for your reply. lol I guess I didn't send it. By the way, my name is Christopher, and I'd be more than happy to submit the articles.

    1. Yes you have. Sorry for not getting to it earlier. Thanks for the info. I would call ya next time I have some articles to submit. :)

      Your message didn't show because I couldn't approve it due to lack of time :P

      Now it should show up :D

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