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  1. Very good post on ezinearticles. I've submitted several articles to ezinearticles with little results. Do you have any suggestions on resource box. I outsourced my articles. Also, on associated content, your articles should be unique or they will reject it. I am also part of Angela backlinks and I should start backlinking my sites.

  2. @Spencer

    Regarding resource box, if you are just starting, I would give you the same advice as I offered to another subscriber:

    What I do is very simple: I use the "swipe file" technique". On a text file I put a list of Ezinearticles article urls whose resource boxes strike a chord with me. I then model mine after them. Pretty simply, copy the gurus and don't reinvent the wheel! ;)

    I also create at least 3 resource boxes and rotate them. EZA I think gives u the scope to create three resource boxes, although u can use only 1 per article. This is a nice way to split test them! :)

    That is funny about AC. That was never the case when I was using them about 2 years ago or so. You could have your article published both at AC and EZA at the same time. It was actually EZA which used to make a fuss sometimes when it saw the AC article, but once you convince them u r the author of both articles, they would approve your article.

    I would rather put unique content on my site than someone else's site. Makes no sense to me!

  3. Thanks a lot Arindam. I am a subscriber of Anjela. Already two months packet I used to get backlink. I am happy with the service but I have one doubt. I couldn't find any backlink to my domain using yahoo. Should I wait for few months? Hope you can help me.

    By the way are you Bengali? Great Arindam.

  4. Cool article...I always find some new and useful info here. Thanks!

    I use SEOQuake (firefox plugin) to see website details like backlinks and PR all from the google search results page.


  5. You are one of the FEW Internet Marketers that offers solid, usable information and I always look forward to reading your posts. This one was no exception. Thank you! Please don't stop being you.

  6. Thanks Stuart. I definitely like to keep a list of alternatives, just in case the primary addon fails for some reason someday :)

  7. I can barely believe all this useful information is available entirely for free! Thank you so much, Arindam - you have completely changed the way I approach marketing, with excellent results.

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