2 thoughts on “4 More Web Hosting Tips to Save Your Business!

  1. Good advice in choosing the right hosting packages. But I think more can be said about the final point on redundancy.

    Lets say that one service is down, and you need to switch to another, the change in DNS will take approx 24-48 hours. And during that time, you'll lose lots and lots of customers. I believe that we can add redundancy in DNS records, but any idea on how to do it?


    1. Hi Lucas,

      Your problem can be solved in a very simple way ;)

      Let's say you have already signed up with your new hosting provider. Tell your new provider to migrate your sites from your old provider. Most would do it for free while some (and this is true esp. for virtual and dedicated servers) would charge you for it, but you can bypass the charge by moving the sites yourself. If both servers have Cpanel and WHM then the move should be pain-free; if not, then you would have some headache for sure ;)

      Once you are sure that the sites have been moved completely, point the nameservers of your domain (s) to your new provider. Yes DNS can sometimes take up to 5 days to propagate all over the net, but you can minimize downtime by following the steps above!

      If you have to make any changes to your sites during the DNS propagation period, you should upload your updated files to the new server instead of the old; obviously you won't be able to login into FTP using your normal ftp address since the DNS is yet to be propagated fully, but you CAN login to your FTP using your server's IP address :)

      Good luck!


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