18 thoughts on “10 Steps to Turning WordPress Into a Static HTML Site

  1. Good Morning Arindam,

    As usual, another very informative article. I printed out a copy to keep next to my pc so I can implement some of these strategies as I go through my blogs. I was noticing the other day that I was getting tired of the way my blogs looked "too bloggy." LOL

  2. great post, damn you must spend some time writing! thats one long long post :) add 40 comments and you have the longest page in the world :)

    I have developed many sites in Joomla but the i recently built an ecommerce site which has shop front end and a blog and the transition is seemless, if you spend the time getting to know wordpress and how to develop sites in it you can do anything you want, here is the blog here: http://www.slimmingsolutions.co.uk/slimmingblog/

    Cheers Rob

  3. What a great post, Arindam! I've been doing a fair amount of the same kind of tweaks, but with the themes I've been using, I've had to edit the theme files.

    The problem with these ultra-flexible themes is it's so hard to know where to start with them. Your outline really gives us a head start with Semiologic.

    And thanks for throwing in the bit about the custom login. With the cheap websites I build, I make my clients dig into admin, and it will be nice to put my brand there.

  4. Hi Arindam,

    Another useful article about how to set up your blog not to look like and act like a blog.
    You are so good at explaining technical stuff to people like me that are not technical by nature. Thanks for your help.This old man really appreciates it.


  5. Hi Arindam,

    Very nice article as always.

    You right to the point about blogs looking like mom and pop blogs.

    Users need to get more updated to the new look and feel of the web!

    Pro Covers FX

  6. Hi Arindam

    Your YALBA posts may be long and boring to some but I can say you sure do provide step by step info - even a newbie can perform and achieve what they want.

    Great post as usual.
    Although I do build a lot of blogs - I very rarely mess around the coding - but I sure know where to come !:)
    and yet I still found your post informative.

    Take care

  7. Hi Arindam
    I have been a subscriber to your blog for a while but have never commented before. But this post is so helpful that I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write such an informative post. I am not good with customizing free themes so have bought certain themes in the past. With this step by step tutorial, I feel confident of tackling this with the free semiologic theme you suggest

  8. Hi Arindam.

    Another informative post as always.

    At the risk of appearing totally dumb I am not understanding the: "e) Go to the "Header Area" section. There, click on the "Header:Site:Header" widget and check the "Output the site's name before the tagline.""

    Definitely can't see the Header:Site:Header" widget

    Kinda lost me there ;-)


    1. Hi Ade,

      Are you using the free semiologic theme? I am not sure if some of the widgets I mentioned here are supported in other themes :)

      If u r already using that theme let me know I can send you a screenshot :)

  9. Hi Arindam,
    This is the first time here for me....have been on your list for a short while.

    So much great information...I am going to download the semiologic theme and follow your directions t customise it.

    Thanks again for a great post.


  10. Using your instructions I created a new site yesterday. It went very smoothly, considering it was my first time with Semiologic.

    One disappointment with the theme which has nothing to do with your excellent directions is that the width of the theme can not be tweaked easily. A custom.css has to be created, and the variables are not that obvious... at least not to me.

  11. Hi Lane,

    >>width of the theme can not be tweaked easily.

    Just click on Appearance=>Layout to select any theme width you want. Just click on any layout and it would be activated for your blog. :)

  12. Thanks, Arindam. That works only if you want the width of that layout. I'm talking about widths for which there are no layouts available. For this site I had only a jpg of a custom header that wouldn't scale.

    I found on Semi's forum a howto, but it didn't quite do the job. Although the width changed the way I wanted, the header graphic is not centered correctly.

    These are the variables used in the custom.css, and I don't know the difference between those that begin with "ext_" and those that don't:

    .custom #ext_wrapper
    .custom #wrapper
    .custom #main
    .custom #sidebar
    .custom #ext_sidebar

    1. Hi Lane,

      If your blog layout is affected by the width of the header image then you need to keep resizing and keep re-uploading the header until u get it right. I remember having some similar troubles when uploading header image on this blog, but I don't remember how I fixed it lol. I had a very cooperative graphics designer though :)

      The width of my header is 770x159, in case that helps :)

      As for CSS, I am a noob as well; cannot help you much on that. :|

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